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Urban Audio on Montreal Sound Map

Van Horne Overpass with Crickets : Play Overpass with Crickets

I’ve been adding some audio up to the Montreal Sound Map lately.

I live in an area that is flanked by several overpasses, and I’m very interested in how they cut through Montreal and change the surrounding neighbourhoods. I also think they are an interesting audio source because they offer surprises – they are not just endless streams of cars – life has a way of reclaiming the space.

For example, I recorded the crickets you can hear above between waves of cars at rush hour on St-Laurent.

The Montreal Sound Map is worth spending some time with, as it presents the city in a way we seldom stop to appreciate. To hear my additions, click on the “Van Horne Overpass at St-Laurent”, and “Rockland Overpass” contributions (more to come, obviously).