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Books You Dress Up For: Novel Augmentation Through Sensory Fiction

As someone who studied literature in university and works in the creative arts, I probably should be a purist. Maybe even a snob.

But since I’m also into gaming, technology, and all sorts of absurdly “low” culture, I am actually very interested in anything that pushes the edges of where formal literature is going – or, at least, shows us how far it can go.

This past week I stumbled across an article about a vest that is to be worn when reading the award-winning novella, The Girl Who Was Plugged In, by James Tiptree, Jr. (pen name of Alice Sheldon). The vest works as a technological peripheral that stimulates certain physical sensations for the reader, triggered by events in the book.

The kids these days are calling this Sensory Fiction. And man, I’m so down for it.

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