This page features a few examples of Scott W. Gray’s creative non-fiction, traditional journalism, and audio slideshows at the bottom of the page.

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Of Monks, Malts & Montreal is a feature-length article for Ascent Magazine on Trappist Monks, known the world over for their intellectual rigor, spiritual commitment…and ability to brew phenomenal beer.

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They Just Need Some Space is a piece that was written for the Montreal Gazette on Montreal’s alternative performance spaces, some of which operate illegally, others with tentative support of the city, and a few within the convoluted tolerance of all three forms of government.

Read the article here.

Thinking Globally, Dancing Locally is an article on Dubstep, a dark, bass-heavy club music that took root in Montreal a short time ago. This piece ran as a featured special in the Arts Section of the Montreal Gazette.

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How to Build a Guitar in Four (Expert) Steps:

The 2009 Montreal Guitar Show:

World Science Fiction Masquerade in Montreal:

The End of the Line: Closing the Outremont Switching Station – Part One:

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