music & audio

For over 20 years, Scott W. Gray has been a performing and composing musician.

His audio pieces have appeared in syndicated television, commercials, radio, websites, independent films, theatre pieces and on spoken word releases, as well as a host of independent albums.

The following pieces were composed to profile Scott’s professional audio work. These were all composed and recorded, then chopped with samplers, and multi-track recorded into a digital system.

For more information on any of these pieces, licensing compositions, or to discuss commissioning audio work, please contact Scott through the Fauna Corporation.

Please bear in mind these are MP3s – higher quality recordings available to hear, upon request.

Future Cop Drives Home Along the Bridge : Future Cop

The Long Road Beyond the Hydropods : Long Road

It’s a Bright Morning in the Slum : Bright Morning

A Scientist Walks Back From the Graveyard : Scientist Walks Back

Missed the Last Train Out of Town Again : Last Train Out


Maps of Our Bodies and the Borders We Have Agreed Upon:
Spoken Word / Music

Scott W. Gray’s collaboration with writer / filmmaker Taien Ng-Chan produced a book (published by Conundrum Press) with an accompanying CD, featuring 13 spoken word & music pieces.

The collaboration was granted funding by the Canada Council of the Arts, and the pieces were performed across Canada. Here are a few selections from the CD.

For more information, or to hear higher-quality recordings, please contact Scott through the Fauna Corporation.

I Don’t Remember : Don’t Remember

Roadside Cafe : Roadside Cafe

Driving Through the City in the Middle of Night : Driving Through

Map at the Beginning of Time : Map at the Beginning

Portage Avenue : Portage Avenue


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