Recommended Viewing: Studiocanoe’s Build Anything

I saw Build Anything by Studiocanoe yesterday and was really struck by it, as I gather most are, given that it won an advertising competition at Cannes this year.

Very clever use of perspective (in several ways!) and a fun, lo-fi, imaginative experience for the viewer. I’m a little unclear who the target market for this ad would be, but I enjoyed watching it.

Build Anything:

Build Anything from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

Recommended by Fauna Corp.


  1. admin

    Ha! That’s hilarious…and true! I think I’m exactly who this ad is aimed at. But it’s not like I’m going to run out and buy a bunch of Lego anytime soon.

    So that must mean that the ad is aimed at guys like me who have already generated some children. You know…THOSE guys.

    Pretty cool way to go about it, I think: skip right past the kids and get the Moms and Dads inspired.

    Thanx for the comment Kirsten. Hope yr rockin’ these days (perhaps consider some Lego for your youngens?).

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