Skill-Building: Mindy McAdams’ Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency

Feeling old and rusty? Maybe you need some new tools…

When the media machine spat me out at the start of the new year, “inviting” me to return to the world of freelancing, I spent a fair bit of time researching the resources available to journalists who were transitioning to multimedia skill-sets. I am certainly not a noob, but as many of my readers will attest, there’s always more to learn. In my searching, again and again, I came upon posts from Mindy McAdam’s blog.

In particular, her posts about portable digital audio recorders helped me sort through the gear to find the gems that were most applicable to my needs, and her pieces on visual journalism helped to confirm some things I already suspected to be true at news desks around the country.

McAdams also began a series of pieces aimed squarely at journos who were trying to come to terms with new tools and techniques that were previously foreign to the newsroom. The series was called the Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency, or RGMP, and McAdams has just collected the posts together in one PDF document, available for free download.

Visit Mindy McAdam’s site ( to check out the depth of her work, and download the RGMP PDF while you are at it. McAdams has provided translations into Spanish and German as well for international audiences.

The RGMP guide is highly recommended by Fauna Corporation.

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