The Bronx – 35mm by 30 Years Later

The New York Times LENS Blog is a constant joy for me (even when it presents heartbreaking content) due to its focus on photograph-heavy narratives.

This morning I watched a piece by David Gonzalez, who revisits photographs of the Bronx neighbourhood he grew up in, 30 years after the photos were taken.

The audio slideshow is very simple, but very moving because of Gonzalez’s personal connection to the people in his photos and neighbourhood he left. It is also a good example of how our collective narrative is sometimes found simply in documenting our lives, then revisiting the documents (be it writing, photography, film, etc.) with the advantage of hindsight.

It is, at its essence, why cave painting is still so compelling for us after all these centuries: it speaks to something – a need to document our lives, perhaps – very deep in our consciousness.

View the slideshow here.

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