How to Build a Guitar – In Four (Expert) Steps

My recent visit to the Montreal Guitar Show inspired me to think more about how guitars are mass-produced and where the craft of luthiership differs.

Because of this, I met up with Mike Kennedy and Jeremy Clark of Mile End Guitars, who each craft guitars by hand under their own company names (Indian Hill Guitars and 52 Instrument Company, respectively).

The guys at Mile End Guitars were good enough to talk to me about luthiership and to take me through the process of how guitars are made – when guitars are made from scratch. I created the following Audio Slideshow to share the experience with you. Remember to turn your speakers on!

Note: If the slideshow images seem a little small, I suggest watching it in full-screen mode (click the box with four outward-facing arrows on the lower right of the player).

Let me know what you think.

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