Audio Slideshow From 2009 Montreal Guitar Show

Last week I attended the 2009 Montreal Guitar Show, which was put on in conjunction with the Montreal International Jazz Festival. The Montreal show is well-regarded, being an invite-only event, and attracting some of the finest luthiers in North America and abroad.

Despite being a guitarist for about 20 years, I had never attended a guitar show. What I discovered (and I mean this in a good sense) is that guitar shows are basically Guitar Porn – hundreds of truly beautiful instruments, polished and buffed, and laid out suggestively for the hungry hands of the paying / playing public.

I had a great time walking around, talking to luthiers and capturing the sites and sounds of the event. Below is a short Audio Slideshow I created to share the experience with you.

Let me know your thoughts.


  1. Dan

    Trez cool sir! My fav shots in the exposé are the ones that had some guitars in the foreground and peeps in the BG. When thinking about the story of a guitar show, I get really curious about the sounds, guitars, and people. To me the people at that show must be… really interesting. I’d have love to have seen a little more of them (albeit, it’s way tougher to put your camera in someone’s face than shoot objects ;)

    Great work man! GOTTA get me a sound recorder.

  2. admin

    Good stuff. Thanks for the comments guys.

    @ Rolf: Thanks for the props – it’s a lot easier to produce good work when the guitars themselves are so great.

    @ Dan: That’s an interesting take on the show. I deliberately sought out the guitars over the attendees, but I think it’s interesting that you would have taken a more inclusive approach. I’ll bear it in mind on future projects.

    Thanks again, guys.

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