Coverage of Honduran Crisis in GlobalPost

I have been reading GlobalPost for a little while now. The news outlet has carved out a niche for itself by being an online-only, rich-media heavy site staffed by trained journalists. Their focus tends to be explicitly in the Foreign Correspondent camp (GlobalPost is an American news outlet), and I find their international coverage to be rock solid – especially when read in conjunction with coverage in traditional (ie: Print and broadcast) news outlets.

Just a day after commenting on the lack of citizen media coming out of Honduras, I found this piece on GlobalPost, posted today, discussing the situation around exiled President Zelaya’s attempted return to Honduras yesterday. Several media outlets reported that the pro-Micheletti military fired live rounds into the pro-Zelaya crowds, but GlobalPost correspondent Ioan Grillo (and photojournalist Trevor Snapp) paint a very vivid and visceral picture of what is happening on the ground in this tumultuous crisis.

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