Multimedia Pieces & the Recession

I have seen a few really tremendous multimedia pieces recently, focusing on the recession and its impact on different communities.

I thought I’d post today about two stories I was directed to via the excellent multimedia journalism site, Interactive Narratives.

The first is called Waiting Topless, produced by Natalie Conn, Peter Smith, Briget Ganske for The Sunday Best. It tracks two waitresses at a topless cafe in Maine, who both took their jobs due to the realities of the economic downturn in their area, and shows the unexpected realities of struggling to make ends meet when other jobs are not available.

The second piece is a three-part video article by Pierre Kattar and Sarah Sampsel for the Washington Post, called Voices of the Recession. This piece tracks three different groups: new clients of a local food bank, various people bidding on homes in an auction of bank-foreclosed properties, and finally, people newly enrolled in bar-tending school, which has seen a 25% increase in students in the last few months.

Both of these pieces primarily highlight the extraordinary lengths that people have to go to in tough economic times to simply pay bills, make rent and take care of their families. However, the larger theme in these pieces and others on the same topic is that the economy is changing, and few have any idea of where we will all end up when – and if – our economies stabilize.

We live in uncertain times and seem to be heading for increasing uncertain futures, and the tension of navigating through it all is evident in nearly every piece I’ve seen recently – whether it is about the recession or not.

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